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C cuased by antidepressants

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Hi I am IBS-D. but I am asking this for a friend of mine. She was DX'd a few years ago with IBS-D. A month ago a new Dr. put her on Effexor an anti depressant. Now she is C really bad. Does anyone have this problem from meds and if so what helps you to go??I wish her and I could switch once a week, she could have my D and I would gladly take her C. She has lost 30 pounds form being so sick and not eating, her sister was happy and thinking now she could eat more and gain a few back, BUT now with the C so bad she still is not eating.Any sugestions would really help her.Thankstake careKat
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Kat, this happens with lots of anti-depressants as you know, namely the Tricyclics (Elavil, Tofranil, Doxepin etc), and now even the SNRI's (like Cymbalta and Effexor XR).Firstly, I would start with a soluble fiber supplement. I'd move slowly, and work my way up to 25-35 grams of fiber per day. I would be eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I may even take a stool softener every other day if the constipation was really bad.She could switch anti-depressants, too. Cymbalta is in the same class, and she might find it less constipating. Or she could go to tricyclics. They are "constipating" but they might not be as much as the Effexor. I know that Elavil was more constipating for me than Tofranil (which alleviated 90% of my symptoms for a year).My suggestion is if she has tried adding fiber, stool softeners, and eating more fruits and vegetables, either to switch to Cymbalta or switch to a tricyclic (which would be started after she tapered off of Effexor, not at the same time).
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Also, here is a summary of a pain management "laxative protocol".1. Begin your bowel program with one of the combined stool softeners and mild stimulant. We recommend: Senokot S, Pericolace ofr Doxidan (these can be purchased over the counter in generic form).-Dosage:1-2 tablets at night or 1 pill two times a day.2. If no bowel movement in 48 hours (2 days) Add the following : MOM (Milk of magnesia) 2-3 tablespoons at bedtime.3. If no bwel movement in 72 hours (3 days) try:* A fleet enema followed by MOM 2 tablespoons at bedtime.4. If still have constipation, call the physician's office.They recommend a fiber blend recipe for increasing fiber.Mix 2 cups of applesauce and 2 cups of unprocessed bran with 1 cup of unsweetened prune juice. Refrigerate in a covered container. Consume 2-3 tablespoons twice a day with a large glass of water.Important-Drink plenty of fluids.
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Thanks Grant. I will print this out and give it to her.Take careKat
I'd like to thank you for the advice, Grant. I have IBS-C, which for the most part is okay. Sometimes, however, I'll go a week without a bowel movement, when I would finally take two Dulcolax. I can't stand that laxative. I cramp up very badly and get D so bad I can't leave the house. I would much rather try your approach.Liz
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