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Hi, I just wanted to share with you a remedy that helped me a lot. I have read a few science papers on ncbi about how isothiocyanate are great for regulating gut flora.
I did following: take about 2.5kg of cabbage, about 0.5kg of broccoli and about 4 carrots.
I put it in centrifugal juicer but I think the masticating juicer would work fine also. After running it through the juicer, I get about 1.5 litters of juice, than I repeat the process on residue and I get about 0.5 litters of juice (it took me some time and practice to get these yields). So I get about 2 litters of juice and I drink about 2 glasses immediately (while it's fresh), and the rest in next two days (whenever I feel any stomach discomfort).
I started feeling improvement only after few days of drinking these juice, but you should continue to drink it for at least a month. After taking this juice for 2 months, I've been feeling no symptoms of IBS or SIBO for 4 months now.
I also started to walk more and exercise after the symptoms subsided, so that might be also helpful.
It's a bit of a work but it's well worth it.
Best regards.
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