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calcium and ibs

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I have been suffering from D type IBS for 6 years now and have had no help by doctors. In the 6 years I have not been put on any meds or given any information about IBS. Then I found this website and was surprised at just how many sufferers there are. I posted a reply to one of the topics and someone replied to it. They told me to try a calcium supplement. At first I was doubtful, but I went out and purchased it and have been taking it now for a week (1/2 tablet at every meal). It has completely helped with the D and given me my confindence back. The anxiety and fear are slowly going away. I can finally go out of the house without the fear of having an accident. This is wonderful and I urge anyone who has had there gallbladder removed and has IBS to try it. The calcium helpes to absorb the bile that gets into you intestines after gallbladder surgery and soaks it up so that it does not irratate the intestines which causes the D. There are certain types of calciun supplements that IBS suffers can take one is Caltrate 600 Plus with Vitamin D and minerals.Too much magnesium can cause more D. Thankyou to the person that told me about this, You have given me hope.
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Thank you for posting about your success. I know it does not work for everyone but it seems it is really a good thing for those of us who get diarrhea after having the gall bladder removed.Your explanation of how it works is in no way proven in a scientific way to be the case. But, it is very logical to me and that is what calcium does soaks things up and binds them together so it makes sense to me. That is what I have been saying for the last 4 years it has been helping me.Take Care,Linda
Angel,Also try Immodium. I have had ibs D for 10 years and have tried all the medicines and tests my GI doctor prescribed. Nothing helped. I will note, however, he never mentioned Immodium or Calcium Caltrate (thanks to Linda on the Board for making us aware of Caltrate C). These are about the only two items that give me some relief.
Hi, I was made aware of calcium/vit d recently and have been taking it for 2 days along with imodium, and i have noticed that i have become very firm in my bm`s. I am going to continue to take the calcium but cut down on the imodium -( which i have lived off like sweeties for the last 20 years.!).i was on 16 tabs plus a day.Just this small step for me is amazing as i was virtually house-bound.I am also introducing "yakult" drinks to increase the beneficial bacteria that our digestive system needs.Good luck to you all.#luv Ali
Ali,You may not want to add anything else to the mix until you see if the calcium can help get things under control. The less you can take the better off you will be.Linda
Hi!I tried Calcium, too. And it helps me a lot. I�d tried it because I read it on this website. I had big doubts but it helps really. But if I don�t take enough Calcium I have Diarrhea. But is it dangerous if you take too much of Calcium?
Like many nutrient there is a range you should stay in.For calcium the max you should get daily, regularly, from supplements and diet is 2,000 mgs.Most people should be getting a minimum of about 1,000 mgs a day from all sources.K.
At last you have given me something to try that looks to work.....calcium. I have been an IBS sufferer for years but it was not until I had my gall bladder out in 7/01 that they told me it was badly diseased and has not worked properly for years!!This changed the symptoms to a couple of days with nothing then wham...usually ending up with a heavy discharge of what I assume is bile. I have tried to control it with Imodium but now I will have a go at the Calcium.I am sixty and have to drive about 800 miles per week with my job which has been causing me a problem with the sudden requirements for a toilet.Thanks for your help.........I will report back.
I've noticed some relief with calcium as well. Every little bit helps.
rbrzan,Maybe with some adjustments to the dose and timing you can get a little better. Email me if you need help.Linda
I just want to thank Linda and all of you on this board. I had knee surgery 5 weeks ago which caused my IBS to be the worst it's ever been. I have been housebound with pains, running and almost not making it home. My doctor tried everything and it did not work. I have been taking the Caltrate 600 for a little less than a week and I am like a new person. I have been taking it twice a day with a slug of pepto bismal once a day and no more D.Thank you, thank you, thank youJanet
Are there any success stories from people who still have their gall bladders, who have tried the calcium????? Since I've tried everything, it seems, I want to give the calcium a whirl!!
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hi.Yes I still have my gallbladder, and I have been trying calcium and vit-d ( no magnesium content)for just over 3 weeks now.I noticed an improvement from around day 2.I used to have daily -D,and lived on imodium to survive.The results I have had have varied from firm Bm`s to soft Bm`s, but I have not had proper urgent D since starting these calcium tabs.I am trying to find a correct dose and timing.BUT I donot have to dash to the loo anymore.I was on 10 + imodium a day; but have now managed to cut them down to just 1 a day ( and i think to take that one is just for re-assurance.!)I take 2 calcium tabs in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 1 at tea-time along with 1 imodium.Try the calcium with vit-d, but if you suffer with very bad D ; then try to buy a mix WITHOUT magnesium in it as this aggravates the bowel to cause D.Good luck. Ali
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ali,If the calcium you are taking is at least 500 mg then you should not take 2 at once. Your body can only process about 500 mg at once so you are waisting one. It would be better to take 3 a day spread out about 5 hours apart or if you have a problem in the morning the take the last one at bedtime with a small snack and this will help in the morning.Linda
The Calcium has helped but during the last week I have had one doze of D which may have been down to the Pepsi I fancied. It wasn't the diet stuff because the sweatners that do not go well with IBS.Remember to watch your vit D intake as too much is bad for your blood.
Calcium is helping me!! THank GOD!! I'm haveing formed stools (alot of them, but at least they are not diarreah and urgent) Thanks for recommending this!!!!!!!
Neicy, I still have my gallladder but just had such severe D that I was not able to leave the house. I am now taking the calcium for several weeks and could not believe that I was constipated yesterday. I have never been like that in my life. I have had D since a baby. I know this sounds gross but yesterday no Bm and this morning there was a well formed one like I have never seen. I've cut the calcium to one with breakfast and one with lunch and this seems to be working. Again board--- thank you, thank you
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I agree!!!! Thankyou to LNAPE for the info about what calcium to take. I have had my gall bladder removed in the past; and tried the calcium this week. So far: IT WORKS.It is WONDERFUL! I feel like a normal person.I am a high school teacher, and thank god I found this to help me get through a day at work.THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!
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