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calcium failing

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well the wonder pill is not so wonderful anymore! Ive went 6 weeks D-free...actually normal and since yesterday ive been to the bathroom at least 8 times! i had to take immodium 2 days in a row. what gives? do I need to increase calcium b/c my body has gotten immune? Im really frustrated I thought this was the cure....any advice? Suzee
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It is rare that any medication will control the IBS as it waxes and wanes 100% of the time every single day forever.You may have breakthrough symptoms even when you find a medication or diet or other treatment that works most of the time.Also it doesn't mean you can't get a GI infection or eat some bad food or any of the other things that cause diarrhea in anyone.K.
I went through the same process. The calcium worked FOR AWHILE and then seemed not to have any effect. Please read my thread here on Kombucha:
My Colestid worked great for 7 years then I got bad D. Had D tested and it was C-diff.If I were you I would get tested. Have you taken antibiotics lately or had a surgury in a hospital lately. You may have gotten c-diff. Nothing to mess with. If you are going 8x's per day it's not at all normal.
How much calcium are you taking?I had a bad morning today also after over a week of good days. I haven't been as good about taking my calcium, iron, and probiotics lately but I also had to attend a function at my son's school where no one could go in or out of the room for 45 minutes. I think the knowing I "couldn't" go made me had to go.
As Kat said everyone has a bad day from time to time even normal people. You also could get something else like the others have said. You must stay consistent with the calcium and try not to add anything else. You felt the need to take imodium for a couple of days then you most likely got stopped up from that and thus the big blow out. DO not give up. It is my experience that it really doesn't become the case of getting immune to it because as you take it 3 times a day it works in and out of the system on a consistent bases. You also need time to heal in side and if you were like me of many years of pain and suffering daily that my need more than the 6 weeks you have been on it. Most times if I do get diarrhea it is a one time event and it is over. That is if you do not take imodium to stop you up.Linda
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Back on trsck with calcium
I guess it was just a "bad couple of days" which I need to get used to. I take 1/2 pill twice a day with food and sometimes a whole pill. Its funny people I talk to say if they take immodium once they are constipated for a week!! I took it two days in a row and all it did was stop the D but I still went to the bathroom. I hope this was just a bump in the road its just that it was the first day back to work after a week off. the last week and a half have been fine I will continue calcium the rest of my life! (i also stopped pamine completely)
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suzee64,I am glad you stuck with the calcium. Things like this may happen from time to time. I think you will get better and better the longer you are on it and it will happen less frequently. Hang in and let us know how you are. Remember imodium will stop the diarrhea so go ahead and use it on occasion if you need to be also it can give you that big blow out in a day or two after taking it.If I should have a problem it is usually just a one time event and it is over.Linda
Thanks so much for all your support Linda..your a Godsend!!!
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I know.. I was taking only the 1/2 tabs for the longest time and they were working.. Then I went to visit my son in SEPT.. took some Dasini Water to drink on the way.. Not realizing this is a mineral water.. the next day I had diarrhea at my son's.. I took imodium... and upped the calcium to whole tabs for that trip.. the D lasted one day..I now only by Pure Spring Water to drink... no mineral waters whatsoever.. Then when I came home.. the Caltrate I had been taking had changed in amounts of magnesium in the newest bottle I bought.. I must be super sensitive to this mineral as wham.. it affected me.. I had to search for a calcium that had the least amount of additives in it... which I did manage to find at WalMart.. Thank goodness.. It is just Calcium 600 with D.. and that's all. but now I have to take whole tabs... where I once took 1/2 tabs three times a day.. I have been pretty much stable since that time.. You know.. I still have between 2-3 stools a day.. but they are not the urgent kind.. like I used to have.. nor loose.. I may have a day when the system needs a clean out.. and the last one may be looser.... but not like it used to be.. and not the numbers they used to be..You didn't say if you follow a trigger free diet either.. You know days when we eat things that trigger... I know I can expect to have a few bouts... cause I was eating what I shouldn't have.. See I am one who has to follow the eating plan.. pretty closely.. I can have small liberties now and then..but if I make a habit of it.. I can expect to pay for it.. big time... So I try very hard to be pretty good about what I eat.... and drink..
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There are some variables that make things work differently with the calcium. It can be the amount the timing and any other meds even over the counter meds that can make a difference. Just like you mentioned the mineral water. We have to check ingredients and get informed about what it may do to our bodies and go from there. Trial and error.Linda
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