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Calcium & Losing weight

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After watching and reading quite regualry I finally decided to join your post. I was just wondering if anyone had noticed that it was harder to lose weight since starting the calcium? I have been trying to diet for about a month & half and have noticed that losing weight has become more diffcult since starting the calcium. It could be something else doing it to. Just checking to see if it had affected anyone else. Also, does anyone have any advice on a good diet with out problem. I am "D". I thought about trying the low carb diet. Any thoughts on that?Thanks for all the advice that you guys have given me in the past. As a 24 year old single female with this problem it has been very comforting for the most part. Just looking for any help since they took the Lotronex off the market. Has anyone heard of it coming back?Sorry so many questions in one post!THANKS!Micki
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Has the calcium made you feel better so you may be eating more.The only real way to loose weight is less calories and more exercise.Linda
MICKI,There have been some recent publications that are implicating calcium intake,, ie. increasing it through natural sources in your daily intake, as a secret weapon or the missing key to losing weight. My personal theory on that, and while I have had college level nutrition courses, I am not a licensed proffessional or anything - is that the added protein in the added dairy and the bulk of the calcium rich vegetables and fruits are probably more filling and satistying than the simple carbohydrates, and therefore eating is kept in check better.I think your body does tend to try to self- correct if you are getting too much or too little of any nutrients and that will lead to "cravings" but they don't come labled with exactly what we are lacking, so we tend to eat too much or maybe the wrong things in the pursuit of trying to meet our nutritional needs.
With a little hard work (ie. going to the gym regularly and cutting out some of the sweets) I have lost 5 pounds in 2 months and I am a regular user of calcium.Try upping your exercise. I find I NEVER lose weight by diet alone.Good luck
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