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Calcium Question

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I have seen where several people have mentioned taking calcium if you are IBS-d and that it helps alot. I have a problem taking large pills. Do any of you know of any brands that are small and easier to swallow???
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sunshinegirl- I don't take calcium, but I used to have problems taking larger pills too... the easiest way I found is to take a sip of water, tilt your head back so you're looking up, and drop them in... when they hit the water, swallow, and they go right down pulled by gravity
(and you almost never even feel it
) now i can take a handfull of large pills this way without any problems (when I was trying natural remedies I was taking up to 29 pills a day... needless to say, it didn't work... lol)
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I ended up doing the kind of the opposite. I break the pill in half, take a drink and tilt my head FORWARD- chin almost touching your chest and swallow. A pharmasist told me about that one and I thought he was nuts 'till I tried it!
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I take Bone Assure (Superior Calcium, Absorption Formula) CAPSULES, easy to swallow. Trouble is I have to take 6 of them/day and don't always make the 6. If I take 3 at a time, I gurgle. So I limit it to 2 at a time, and not late at night.(From Life Extension, with magnesium and D and other minerals - 1 800 544-4440 or www.lef.orgor email (slower!) Vitamin Shoppe has a calcium powder withmagnesium, but then you have to take the D separately. However, the magnesium is moreimportant because you can get D from sunshine!Others may have a powder, worth looking into.You could also cut open some calcium capsulesand add the liquid or powder inside to yourdrinks (they don't taste).I can't swallow big pills, either.O
Caltrate Brand has a chewable kind with the same ingredients as the purple and white bottle of Caltrate you can try that or put the pill in a spoon of ice cream and mayby that can help. You have got to kind of surround the pill with something that will just slide down with ease.Linda
Ice Cream?!!!!!You are so lucky to have able to have that.It is a real no-no for me.Sorbets, too.Too much fat, too much sugar.O
CVS sells a brand of generic calcium called "Your LIfe" and they have CHOCOLATE chewable calcium pills with the same ingredients as Caltrate C. They are yummy. Just make sure you wash them down with lots of water.
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