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Caltrate and Edema

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I am wondering if there might be a correlation between taking the Caltrate and getting some relief from edema.I have HBP and have taken HBP meds for over 10 years. Some make my feet/ankles swell more than others. Since I started taking Caltrate I have found that I urinate a bit more frequently and that the swelling has been reduced by *at least* 50% and in some cases by 80-90%!Is there a causal factor here, or what?I do not take any diuretics because they make me ill, so it must be something.Have any of you had this kind of response?Thanks for responding.Mike
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I know for myself I have felt better bone wise say like my cack used to ache when I got up in the morning and my hips hurt from riding the tractor in the summer mowing 8 acres of grass this has all been helped since taking the calcium. I don't know of the problem you speed but who knows what this calcium can do for us. Merry Christmas.Linda
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