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Caltrate question - LNAPE???

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Hi,I have tried caltrate in the purple box and unfortunately it had no positive effect in reducing my IBS-D. I saw another post where someone said that she tried caltrate in the pink box and that it worked much better for her because it contained no magnesium. Do you think that I should give this a try instead of the purple caltrate? Have others had success with this or not? Any pointers?Thanks!
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Yes I would try it if I were you.. It does not contain the magnesium which seems to be a problem even in small amounts for some. YOu can just get a calcium carbonate with vitamin D which is what the pink box is in the caltrate brand. You do have to adjust the dose to work for you. That may mean 1/2 tablets 3 times a day or it could mean 3 full tablets one at each meal or a combination there of.Also check the meds you may be on for there side effects this too is a problem sometimes.Take Care,Linda
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