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CALTRATE Side effects

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Hello all, I made a return trip cross country and sadly didn't have as good a trip. I made it all the way the first time with no D. Last trip nothing but D. NO fun, but was able to deal with it with 2 words, Cracker Barrel. Good home cooked food and even better a good clean bathroom where you can go in even if you don't want to eat and no one knows. I was taking my caltrate 3 times a day , but nothing worked but immodium which would stop me up for a day and a half then the D would be back worse than before. My question was I was wondering if Caltrate could cause any side effects such as kidney stones. Taking so much calcium can be bad? THanks -tex
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I would check with your doctor as far as a safe dosage for you. Glad about the first half of your trip, and sorry about the second. ------------------
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