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Have had Ulcerative Colitis for 20 Years and IBD for about 10. Saw the caltrate on BB and said why not give it a try. I've been on for 8 days Only one a day and i can't believe the difference. I don"t want to get my hopes tp high but so far I haven"t felt this good ina very long time. Ill keep the BB up to date THANKS ------------------
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Hi Scotty57,That's good news! If it keeps up, you really ought to contact Linda (look for a post by LNAPE) and tell her how you're doing. She's really the one that got this "calcium" ball rolling, and has put forth tireless efforts to "spread the word". I *know* she'd be gratified to hear about "another satisfied customer". Congrats! Hope it continues to work well for you.
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