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Can EMOTIONS trigger IBS symptoms?

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Just wondering if emotions can trigger constipation or IBS episodes?I am very emotional and just wondering if besides food this could be a colprit?
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Good morning Beach!Well, I know for my case of IBS, stress triggers off my symptoms more than the foods I eat. If I get real upset, I start to feel the spasms and cramps and also do notice that I do have a harder time making a BM some of the time. And for a lot of people it is just the opposite, they get diarrea, there are many different forms of IBS for many different people.
hi beach,yes i would say definitely. I find that emotions affect my ibs in a big way - be they good emotions like excitement or bad ones like worry and distress! I find that i get terrible cramps and urges to run to the loo - but what comes out is pretty c - ie: not very much & v painful!!!
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Stress will most definitely trigger spells of D for me. No question about it. If I get really nervous about something, I know I must be close to a bathroom. It's really tough - trying to deal with the stress - trying to figure out what foods are good and not, etc., etc., etc. But yep!!! Stress is a big factor for me where D is concerned. I can't really say I suffer much from C.
When my kids call home with a certain sound to their voice I know I better be close to a bathroom, because the stress of hearing all their problems will have me running to the pot WHILE I as still talking to them. Yeah, stress is a big factor in my symptoms!
Beach, I don't know if you have ever read this article. US News and World report "The Wisdom of the Gut", I highly recommend reading it.------------------
Hi Beach. Anxiety and stress certainly give me more pain and D. Also bottling up feelings can cause me more pain. Reducing the stress in my life has had positive effects on my symptoms. I don't think being an 'emotional' kind of person has a bad effect on IBS. Perhaps it's if the person is anxious, or has a lot to deal with. But I don't think being 'emotional' as in expressing emotions a lot can be bad, it may even be good, for letting it all out?Oh I dunno, just my thoughts!! Don't know about constipation though.take care,wanderingstar
Definitely Yes!Stess can make any pre existing condition worse. Headaches, stomaches, etc.The theory that IBS is linked to stress is not all false -- there is some truth in that stress will exacerbate IBS and worsen the symtoms without a doubt.I know in speaking for myself; my IBS can be under great control until I make some major changes in my schedule or in my life. I had a major stress hit last summer and out of no where appeared my worst symptoms of IBS where I had to go back to the Dr. for more meds etc. I was symptom free for about 5 years up to that point! I was very shocked when it happened but confirmed and reconfirmed for me the power of stress in my condition.I do not believe that stress causes my condition because there is a such a strong heredity link in my family but I do know stress can add to it!
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