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Hipjan's right, A natural progesterone cream will help with fibroids and cysts. Estrogen can be very dangerous, but it's an easy medication to offer patients and it's good for the insurance companies. They can't prescribe pure estrogen while you have your uterus because it's cancer causing and it's been proven, so the normal advice is to get a hysterectomy and then offer you pure estrogen. Can HRT's make you crazy, yep, sure can. You and everyone around you. The balance between Estrogen and Progesterone and the other cholesterol based hormones is tricky. Most woman I believe have an Estrogen dominance. Where does it come from? Well, when you factor in that all pesticides that are sprayed on crops contain estrogen, all the food supplements feed to cows and chickens contain estrogens, all plastics contain (and emit) estrogens, our lawn fertalizer, make up products, and most dairy contain estrogen I think you can see that added to the production already occuring in the body you can see where it comes from. This is why it's much more common for a young girl to hit puberty much earlier then she did 40 years ago. It's not uncommon for signs to start at age 5. You can balance the dominance with a natural progesterone cream and some dietary changes, multi vitamin and mild exercise.There's a very good book out there called "What your doctor may NOT tell you about pre-menopause"I recommend it, it's really helped us to understand where and why Tracy has endometriosis.Wes
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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