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I am at the point where my IBS has switched to IBS-D every 2 days now. I think I've irritated my bowels by taking Bran Buds (on my doctors suggestion) I took this for about a year and they worked but they worked too well. When I stopped I switched to IBS-C. I was trying to give my body a break....but now it's back to getting the chills and then going to the bathroom for the next 2 hours (at least) with extremely loose stools.

I've had the FOBT (blood test) a flex sigmoidoscopy - both came back with no issues.

I am to meet with my GP in two weeks. I was hoping to get a referral to a GI specialist but I hear its a long wait.

Right now I'd just like to know what I can take to calm down my bowels so I can at least leave the house and go somewhere. Other than not eating I don't know what to do. I was taking Metamucil but now I don't think it does anything. I try to avoid insoluble fibres and concentrate on the soluble.
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