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Typciall it doesn't stop working.However there are some things to consider.IBS typically waxes and wanes. So most things work most of the time and every so often you get a flare up that is not controllable by the usual methods. You may need to ride this out for a couple of weeks to see if things go back to the way they were before. Also if there is anything going on (diet like eating more rich, fatty holiday foods, or stresses) that tends to trigger your IBS reducing those triggers might help reduce the flare up.Some people do say they get immune to Imodium after a while. A "drug holiday" for a few days should reverse that.Also, all the normal things that upset normal people's GI tracts also upset IBSers GI tracts. If there is any viruses or food poisoning, or dietary things (I think we forget that sometimes normal people get GI distress from foods too, and the holidays are often a GI minefield even for the healthy)that are going on they will effect you like they effect the healthy among us.K.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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