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Can someone help explain FI to me???

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I am really new at all this. My IBS symptoms just started about 9 weeks ago, but have been excrusiating sense then. I am wondering about FI. I have heard a little about it here and there on this board and wondered if someone could tell me more. I cut my diet back quite a bit and that seemed to help but didn't make the pain totally go away. I started to notice that my pain was gas related. If I could get my gas to pass or even break up and move around the pain went away. I also have started to realize that I think carbs are causing the gas. So given that do you think I have FI or could it be a wheat intolerance or are those two things the same thing??Thanks for any help!! I want to cut out the right things, but not more then I have to. I am pg and need to eat as much as I can as I have already cut out a lot of foods from my diets. I don't seem to notice fruit and things bothering me. But I also hurt all the time all day long and so maybe that is why...Melissa
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Wheat intolerance could be due to Celiac. FI is intolerance to veggies and fruits essentially. the thread lists the food and amount of fructose inthe food. You could get a breath test done to determine if you are FI.
Bonnie thanks a ton. I am going to print out that list!!!!
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