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I agree with the peppermint tea. It'll be cheap and easy to try. It really helped me within a week...though I could start feeling a difference sooner. I happened to get mine loose leaf from a nearby Amish store and put like two tablespoons in coffeemaker for 2/3 pot (but at first I'd make stronger). I would imagine you could get loose leaf online or maybe in a health store...or at first you might want to make a cup with 2 tea bags and let it sit for a bit to get stronger. I'd had such a sharp shooting pain and while looking online saw peppermint oil and tea suggested as antispasmodic and I am thinking pain reliever. Since I already had tea that is what I tried. The peppermint oil you can get at cvs (and I think walgreens) in USA "heathers tummy tamers." Problem with that is you have to have empty stomach then wait one hour before eating.
keep trying...eventually you'll find something which works for you.
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