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Hey guys if I put this in the wrong section I do apologise but I just really need some info as I am driving myself crazy with worrrry

I'm 23 and things have been happening since I was 19.

Pretty sure I have ibs whenever I am worried or stressed like I am now I get abdominal pain and some bloating ect but my main worry comes from bleeding which has been happening for 5 years now..never mixed with stool but sometimes it's a lot like it's on the stool a little, in the toliet and a few occasions about 2 years ago it was dripping from me...but it eased off I mean it still happened but no where near as much and start of this year I decided to lose weight as I put a lot on over Xmas so changed my diet and in 4 months it's only happened twice and the blood is small on the paper....went to the doctors a few times nothing happened but went again recently and now going for colonoscopy.

My worry is cancer and I'm terrified because of the length of times it's been I'm scared it will too late to do anything if it is. So my worry is acting up my ibs as I have pain and bloating which only started since I started to panic about this.

My question is would cancer symptoms get better like mine has or would they get worse and if it is cancer after 5 years wouldn't I be like really ill by now?

Thank you in advance :)
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