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Can't get rid of gas no matter what! Help please!

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I have had really bad gas and bloating for a week now, and I don't know from where. I can feel the gas and hear it when moving my stomach or pressing on it. It's very uncomfortable. I can't pass the gas, even when it's moving around .. I feel it trying to come out but then it just stops at one point in my lower left colon. A lot of gas is also stuck in my upper left and right area, where the colon makes a turn down.What could be causing this and how do I get rid of it? Everyday the gas builds up even more! I tried taking laxatives (MoM) which do work.. but they don't really do anything to relieve the gas. Could something be blocking the gas, like a stool blockage or is that impossible because Milk of Magnesia works??? I am sooo frustrated because the gas won't come out!
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It could be stool you feel moving around rather than gas...It should come out with the stool if the laxative is making you move. Pwen you press on the stomach you usuall can feel stuff moving around (because stool, etc moves around...movement doesn't equal gas).The bends are a problem, but they are a problem whether it is gas, liquid or solid stool.Does peppermint tea make it feel better? I'm thinking it might be a sensory/muscle issure rather than a gas issue. You are feeling the intestinal contents thar may not be gas more than you should.K.
No wheat bran,no high sugar foods(especially ketchup),low food intake after 7 pm,low fiber intake(especially the rough one),low fructose,a daily diary...Exercises,keep yourself active
That should help.
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Stretching and body listening also help to releive the tension associated with trapped gas.It takes times to learn the food offenders.
I have found Spasmo-Canulase(an enzyme medication containing simethicone)helps and also Remegel Wind Relief is brilliant for me,though I have to get someone send it to me from the UK.
So Kmottus, you are saying the Milk of Magnesia should make the gas come out? Then why doesn't it? I just went to a walk in clinic two days agoa and they took an x-ray and the doctor said I still had "quite a bit" of stool and pointed some parts out.. I am not sure whether to believe her because other two doctors just the day before said there was no stool - but they took no x-ray!Milk of Magnesia makes me have this watery almost like peeing out of your butt thing when I take it.. but I was thinking.. could it somehow maybe not reach the other parts of my colon where stool is built up and only reach the bottom part??? I tried senakot yesterday and it relased some gas, but little stool! 4 pills! I am really panicky right now because there is nothing else for me to feel better and I can't see my G.I. until august TWENTY FOURTH! I can't take this pain..I know its gas because I have had the gurgling sounds before but it always came out by itself after a few days.. even after senakot, it still won't come out yesterday...
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quote: I can't pass the gas, even when it's moving around
If you don't pass gas, then you don't have any.
They would have seen the gas on the X-ray if you had a bunch of it in there.Everyone's intestines gurgle. It is mostly the movement of whatever is in there. Gas or Liquid. If you have an obstruction the sign of that is the gurgling stops....Hey...I gurgle once in a while loud enough to hear and I have sometimes very little gas from the probiotics I have taken gurgle doesn't mean gas...but some people do have loug gurgles followed by farting...that is gas...if you don't fart, it is not.You could have cleaned yourself out one day with enough MOM and have stool in your instestines the next day if you ate something. Food becomes stool a few hours after you eat.AND...they would have seen the gas on the X-ray...that is how you PROVE it is gas...and the doctor would have been able to point that out to you as well.I am worried that you feel you need to take so much laxatives to clean yourself out all the time.Sometimes over-emptying the colon can make pain worse.K.MOM works by staying in the GI tract and pulling water into it (why you pee out your butt)There is no place it would miss. Other Osmotics you can take in higher doses are used to completely clean out the colon for a colonoscopy prep. And they make you "clean as a whistle".I would think that that much MOM (you should probably use less if it has given you liquid stools) would move the gas along with the liquid. I mean once stuff is moving it is moving.Pain, gurgling, etc can be things other than gas, really they can.
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I know it is gas Kmottus though! It doesn't gurgle by itself, I mean when I press it down with my hands.. you have to believe me. The reason I know it is gas is yes, the x-rays DID confirm it was gas and just last night I felt terrible and my stomach was huge. When I pressed down on my stomach, the gurgling is unbelievable - I know normal people have it too, but I have it everywhere, seriously! I'm not talking about normal gurgling, I know what you mean Kmottus. Trust me. Then I tried different positions to pass the gas and it came out and this morning my stomach is very flat.. The problem is .. I can't deal with that everyday and why would the gas be stuck there? Even when I took so many laxatives, liquidish stuff comes out and I'm wondering if their is a blockage of stool or something else? Is there anything I can take to make my body produce less gas or help it come out easier? I don't understand why it always gets trapped - there must be a reason! If there's no stool or anything blocking its way, why would it get trapped?!
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Just last week I went to the hospital and they found a mass of stool in my rectum.. they tried two enemas.. nothing worked so I went home and took a lot of stimulants. Then in a few days, had another different appt and they said I was clear and he felt no stool.Then just 2 days ago, I got a lot of gas again, difficult to pass and felt really bloated, stomach getting bigger.. could it be that stool has again blocked the gas???! AGH this is ruining my life, I can't deal with the pain everyday!!! I can't focus on anything except how bad I feel each day.. and in a month I have school and I'm so worried. I took so many laxatives as I said again, and if they are really moving me, they should be moving the gas like you said, but they aren't!
Have you tried probiotics to reduce the amount of gas?Some people find feeding the bacteria in the gut less substrate helps as well. (less refined starches, lactose, sorbitol, fructose)K.
Try peppermint capsules. I think they help with passing it. But I too find that I have a hard time expelling gas when I haven't had a BM for a day or so (even with peppermint capsules). What I've been doing is go to the bathroom 30 to 60 minutes after I eat and try to pass it then. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Well, it works if I have a least one BM per day and doesn't if I don't. I can't seem to do it when I'm not in the bathroom so that may be mental conditioning. Don't force anything or strain - use abdominal muscles to push, not the rectum. If I don't pass anything in 10 to 15 minutes, I stop and try again after the next meal. I don't really have much bloating but then I may be used to the sensation after so many years.
I tried probiotics for a few months and it didn't seem to make any differenc.. that's not the problem! I just went to the hospital again and they said they see stool in my rectum.. it's really hard to pass! I don't know what I can do to get it out!
Hi to everyone, Honeymuchkin I know just how you feel, I have suffered with ibs for most of my life and one of my main symptoms includes trapped gas.The gurgling in my abdomen often sounds like a thunder storm it's that loud. I find it terribly uncomfortable particularly when its between my ribs and the top of my colon. it feels as if it's restricting my breathing. I feel as if im really deteriating. I've had to take today off work and have had so much time off with this illness that I am so concened I'll lose my job or i'll end up leaving because of the chronic nature of the illness.
Dear Honeymunchkin, I have had ibs most of my life. I am now 76. At present my troubles are not as severe as they were in my teen years . I don't remember if gas was such a problem. I know I did have gas, but the problem was passing it at inappropriate times. I used to have days of formed, but very painful stools all day long. And I never knew when this would happen. I would sit in the bathroom and cry it hurt so badly. Eventually when I was about to leave for college, I was taken to a Dr. who gave me penicillin (That was in the '40's). The severe pain was gone, but the constipation remained. Now I use oil enemas , M of M. 1 tablespoon at bedtime with full glass of water, Am trying to balance calcium and magnesium otc's. 250mg. of chelated magnesium in the morning seems to help. I also use calciium citrate to balance, 315 mg. a day. I suspect that I may need more calcium since I am lactose intolerant. I have also used just plain water enemas. But it sounds like there is something more operating . They keep telling me I have a motility problem. Maybe we both need to exercise our ab muscles. Hard to do when you are in pain. It is good to share, anyway. I am very grateful that the extreme pain I had when I was young has gone. Hope you can find relief, too. I am not sure that antibiotics are the answer since they also upset the balance of things in your system. Am trying a celiac diet. See Ruth
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I have a problem sometimes with getting the stool to come out. I find that a suppostorie with a few drops of soap on the end really gets the colon working and pushing it on out.
Just because you don't pass the gas doesn't mean you don't have it. I get that too, I turn my stomach into a musical instrument!! Eventually it does pass, but until then, it is quite painful.I bought this stuff called Ultra Strength Ovol (from the makers of Gravol) that is meant to relieve the pain caused by gas. You take it after meals and at bedtime as needed (up to 3 times a day). It's fairly cheap too, I think I paid $2.99 for 6 tabs. I've only tried it once, so I'm not sure if it really works, but it's worth a try! I believe I got it at Loblaws.
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quote:Just because you don't pass the gas doesn't mean you don't have it.
quote: Eventually it does pass
try beano for gas .... it helped me might work for u ..u can purchase it at a grocery store like publix
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