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Can't go.....

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I took 2 Imodium capsules on Saturday morning after a mean D attack, Monday morning I had really bad pain but I couldn't 'go' so I had a coffee which always starts things going again. Monday after work cronic pain, still can't go... the pain is so bad at the moment, its almost got me crying. Whats happened?The Imodium used to work perfectly and stopped any pain and then the next day I could 'go' normally. Not now, I seem to have C and cronic pain.Any ideas??Thanks.
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Oops, no sooner do I hit 'submit new topic' than I get a D attack. Still, how come I am having all this trouble? I wonder if its stress related or anxiety as we're moving house this weekend and there is only a 3/4 door in the bathroom. (Theres a vent behind the door and it can't open if the door is full height). I guess I'm worried about having D and people can hear me!!
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Hi Lisa,If you are worried about the 3/4 door on your bathroom, can you not have it hung the other way so it opens the opposite way to now, which may allow a full length door?
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