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Hi all. So here's my story hoping I can get help! Doctors told me years ago I suffered with IBS due to soft stool,mucus, incomplete evacuation! Last year maybe completely off the topic I have suffered with a hip misalignment gym induced! Which got worse November 17 with one illic bone rotating more! 1st physio sai it was due to over used/tight hip flexors lack of core and glute muscle not activating flexors pushing lumber spine forward.. one month later In December 17 i noticed my first experience when drinking quite a bit of alcohol I would get a constant odor towards the end of the night coming from down there I can only describe it as a garbage smell not eggy as someflatulence does I would not feel any flactulence coming out, a very embarrassing situation which people noticed! . I also suffer with inability to hold insome flatulence after starting to eat in the day this will set me off for the full day. I can feel it coming but no matter how hard I try i can't not hold. the flatulence is silent and does not smell lucky. The loud smelly ones will sit inside my until I push these out I never have to purposely hold these in.. . This continued to happen I then got diagnosed with Hpylori in February to which I was put on triple therapy my symptoms didn't go after the medication I started to take turmeric, digestive enzymes and psyllium husk I also started doing exercises the physio gave me for my hip which I will list below. My symptoms went I was so happy I thought is was down to the herbal tablets I then stopped doing my exercises and tablets after 4 weeks and dam it came back the alchol issue happened but this time after I purpose let some flactulence go I will be relieved temporarily this would not work the previous time. I started taking the just the enzyme, turmeric again and no difference. Back to the docs and tested positive for h-pylori again currently on meds for this. I'm now starting to think this is related to PDL or the sphincter muscle all other areas are fine and maybe the exercises I was doing was helping I did not mention my flatulence issue as I believed it was due to the infection. Any thoughts on this and anyone with experience? Sorry for bad grammar iPhone and large message

Age 33 good health
No pain
Bridge however keeping lower back on the floor (posterior pelvic tilt)
Happy cat/sad cat
Single leg drop outs
Prone chest raise
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