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Carbonated drinks

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I imagine this is a no-brainer, but can anyone say that carbonated drinks cause them gas a bloating? I am trying to check my diet to see what is causing the problems. Any feedback is appreciated.
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avoid carbonated drinks at all cost - along with gum and other similar products. they cause you to swallow air, which yes, creates gas and pressure. Not fun. Yes, I miss soda like my left arm even after two years... but it's worth the lack of pain.
Also, every morning when I wake up I always have a lot of gas. After I get up and moving it gets more pressure and really upsets my stomach. Can you think of any reason why it builds up while i sleep?
Having problems with high fructose corn syrup filled drinks could be a sign of fructose malabsorption(fructose is in vegetables, fruits., wheat, highfructose corn syrup) Having problems with sorbito; infused gum could be a sign of sor bitol nalabsprption
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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