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carbs and gas

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heather's diet for ibs seems high in the carbo department. anyone try it? Does it help? I have tried it- and the fennel tea and no coffee and no wheat, and no dairy= and not much helps w/ the gas =What is better- more low carb? I can barely eat any type of vegetables= I thought avacado and artichoke would be ok, and now I wonder about that?Any suggestions, ? I am so tired of having gas most of the time .
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I also tried heather's ibs diet but found it didn't help much. If you think you have gluten-intolerance (celiac disease), get a blood test from doctor b4 you try cutting it out, or the antibodies won't show up and u can get a false negative result. If it shows up positive u will get referred to dietician + (in UK)prescribed free gluten free bread +flour.Be wary of trying exclusion diets on ur own! Last year I tried cutting out wheat and gluten, still had ibs (and got v.skinny)+ found it v.difficult to reintroduce them. I felt weak and dizzy after eating bread which I think was my blood-sugar going haywire after avoiding carbs for so long.If I'm going somewhere overnight I eat low carb for a few days b4, eg. lots of lean protein like chicken, less than 4 slices bread per day + no other carbs, small amounts fruit and non-cruciferous veg.
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