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Hi all,I'm from Western Australia so am not familiar with the IBS classifications you all talk about (ie IBS A or IBS D). Do they refer to certain symptoms or severity of symptoms?Well a little about me. I've had constant IBS for over 3 years now, triggered I think by a serious health scare. I battle with daily bloating and the general 'yuck' feeling I think we all have. After going on a very strict elimination diet I've seen an improvement in symptoms, but they're still there and sometimes it doesn't matter what I do or don't eat. The change in diet has improved my constipation though, who'd have thought how joyous it can be to pooh regularly!! I also take natural supplements and these in conjunction with eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, red meat, alcohol, sugar and caffeine have helped me to shed kilos of retained fluid and have given me heaps more energy. Stress is the major catalyst for my IBS attacks tho, so I try not to let things get on top of me.Still the bloating tho...... when oh when will it go away!! Will it ever!!?
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