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Has anyone tried celexa and what results if any good or bad have you had?I tried effexor and had electrical feelings in my body and had to quit.
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I was on celexa for a few months i find it really good. I am more relaxed, not so stressed. There are no side affects for me but it might be different for you . Just try them out for a while if they give you any problemd let your Doc know and ask him or her about zoloft or prozac i heard there also good. Good luck and let me know how things go for you!
Hi Larae,If you haven't read this thread, it may help, click on this: Remember anyone can react differently! I suggest you try Celexa and find out.vikee
Everyone, thanks for the replies. I will keep everyone posted. Please pray that this will help. I am desperate that something will as I know everyone that has IBS is desperate for something. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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