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I have received a ton of E-mails recently in regards to my Celiac condition as well as many questions from concerned IBSr's. I am happy that you all have come to me and hope that I can continue to help you all out. I have been GF (gluten free) for a month and let me tell you, it has been a ride!! The first stage was excitement to finally know what has been making you sick for so long. We go out, buy a ton of new flours, new appliances, books, cookbooks, and research constantly. The first week I actually felt good. I had no pain in the stomach area, no bloating, no acid, etc. I was so excited. Then came the second stage of frustration. We soon realize that hmmm... this takes alot of work and become almost paranoid of the things you are ingesting. And what is this about cross-contamination? URGH! This lead me to malnutrition and weight loss. I was at 95 pounds and am presently down to 90. Then comes another stage....denial. Maybe I don't have celiac after all!! I can eat whatever I want and be fine, to include lactose loaded cheese!! This lead me back to where I started, in pain, no sleep, and depressed. Then one day you wake up and decide to jump back on the bandwagon and start the whole cycle again, stronger and more willing than ever before. This is where I am at now.Some of the foods are actually starting to taste "good" and I am finding more and more GF products in supermarkets and online that are delicious. So, as I found out, this disease isn't something to get excited about as I had stated previously. It takes strict adherance to many rules which requires much discipline, it takes alot of strengh mentally to say "no" to going out to eat at restaraunts or attending banquets where everyone else is stuffing there faces, and it takes support from many friends (you will find out who they are really quick by the way). Anyhow, at this point, I do not have alot of positive notions unfortunately, but did want to share my experience so far. On a positive note, here are some things I have noticed that are worth citing: *Pain in feet and hands has eased up tremendously. Prior to being GF, I had tingling in my feet and achiness in my bones all over. This is an improvement! *My night blindness is easing up a bit. This is exciting, so I make it a ritual to go out at least once every night, rev up the Stang, turn up my music and cruise around!! : P*If I happen to have a "bad" night, I seem to be feeling more energetic throughout my day than I used to. This has also sparked some old feelings...if you get my drift...that I forgot I had! It is wonderful! So there you have it. I hope to have more positive news soon. I am not having the quick turn around time as most Celiac's experience, but I am sure the mental toll this has taken on me hasn't helped the process either. However, I will make it through this and will be really PHAT soon...Take care and feel free to keep E-mailing me with your questions. My mind and computer is full of info regarding this condition. Sincerely,2ndChance
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