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This was posted to the Co-Cure email list, so you may have already seen it.
quote:From: MycoplasmaRegistry###yahoogroups.comInvitation to join a New list-CFS Name Change Poll-------------------------------------------------------------------A new list has been created: cfs_name_change_pollThe list is public and unmoderated. Membership is notrequired to view or post messages, but is needed in orderto vote on the new name in the Polls section.View website: To Subscribe: mailto:cfs_name_change_poll-subscribe###yahoogroups.comPost message: mailto:cfs_name_change_poll###yahoogroups.comPermission is given to repost and distribute this announcement.Make your opinions known and your votes count for a new name for CFS.This list was specifically created to respond to the Name ChangeWorkgroup, which had been appointed by the former CFS CoordinatingCommittee to make recommendations only for a new name for CFS. Thislist is to ensure that all patients' comments are publicly recorded,accessible to all and ultimately entered into the official record.The Name Change Workgroup is asking patients for their input on theWorkgroup's current draft (c-copy in File section). Opinions shouldbe emailed to: namechange###johnherd.comWe encourage patients to email duplicate copies of their opinions tothis list. Messages sent to this list will only be sent back to theindividual sender and not distributed to other list members. This isnot a discussion list and members are not to respond to others'emails. Its sole purpose is to create an archive of individualopinions on the name change and to create a poll for patients to voteon the new name. To vote in a poll, click the underlined word "Polls"in the blue box in the left column.ARCHIVES - All emails in the archives will be forwarded to the NameChange Workgroup. These emails will also be presented to the new CFSAdvisory Committee when they appoint members and before the Committeeofficially meets to vote on the name change, tentatively scheduledfor March 2003. Anyone can forward or download these messages toensure that they reach the appropriate government health officialsand U.S. Senators and Members of Congress.List is owned by the Mycoplasma Registry
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