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I am 33 years old, female. I first started having problems with my digestion/stomach in August 2012. I went to a walk-in centre with pains in my pelvis/stomach, causing me problems with my walking and lifting my right leg. The nurse I saw looked very worried and said I should get my thyroid checked because I looked tired, had a goitre and the pain I was reporting was suggestive of severe constipation caused by undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroidism.

I did have my thyroid checked in November 2011 but I was not notified of the results. Because of this I carried on like this for another year and I went to hospital with the same pains, that time a doctor I saw there said my oesophagus was slightly narrow and he could feel "pockets" of stool accumulating in my bowel. I was sent away with laxatives (Movicol)

Since diagnosis of hypothyroidism in 2013 I have been getting these instances of "rushes" to the bathroom with constipation. It tends to happen every day, usually between the hours of 7-10 in the morning. I get a sudden pain in my bottom or back or pelvis or stomach and it pulls down towards my anus. Usually something like a cup of tea is enough to trigger it, sometimes nothing at all. I then run to the bathroom to evacuate. The stool always comes out hard and difficult to pass, I always strain when on the toilet.

In 2014 I had waves of colicky pain in my ribs and pelvis that made me shiver in agony. This woke me from my sleep and I spent all night awake on the sofa in the lounge with cups of herbal tea and hot water bottles to try to settle the pain. This has happened twice in total.

The reason I have come here today is that I want to know what is causing my symptoms, they have gone on for so long and seem to be getting worse. I have been getting episodes of burning, nausea, smelly gas, bloating, abdominal pains, loss of appetite and the hard stool is not "rushing" out like it tends to do in the mornings and comes out much later in the day, sometimes more than once. I get pains in the backs of my ribs as well. I have no idea what it is, a GP diagnosed me with IBS in 2015 and again in 2016 but then coeliac disease was suspected and never tested.

I don't have much luck with laxatives as they tend to dehydrate me very easily even when I drink a lot of water with them and my stomach also spasms in pain. My diet is not great but that's mainly because husband and I work and have little time to cook/prepare.

I am also deficient in iron, vitamin D and folate and I have B12 injections, too. I have never taken iron tablets, just an iron infusion from when my iron deficiency became very bad.

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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