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Change of weather = IBS???

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has anyone ever associated change in weather with their symptoms? i'm just curious because i live in iowa where we see all 4 seasons. i know that the changes affect the joints i've had operations on - such as my knee and both feet (bunionectomies). today it is hot and sticky and i'm not experiencing such bad symptoms - while 2 days ago it was cooler and windy and my stomach pains were the worst ever... just wondering what you all thought. maybe it's just the roller coaster that i'm on - but i'm trying to pin point some triggers. i'm also planning a move to phoenix at the end of june so if the hot weather is what i need - sweet!
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My IBS D is worse with the change of seasons, esp. fall and spring, also with Fibromyalgia I get all the aches and pains.It is starting to get warm here in Ohio and the stomach is going nuts!!To me hot weather is worse.
I don't understand it but my IBS is worse in really hot/humid weather like we have here in Ontario. I get very C and then big D. Anyone have any ideas why this affects us.
Yeah, I thought I was the only one, but the more humid/wet and cold the weather is the worse my D is. This is crazy, isn't it. My only response is that air pressure somehow affects our body--our intestines. It lowers the temperature to boil water, for example, I am SURE it has consequences on our system as well.
I always have D during the first 2 days of hot, humid weather here in New England. Oppressive humidity definitely makes me worse. Doesn't matter how much meds I take or what I do, happens every year.
My D gets worse when it's really hot outside. As a kid, when I didn't have IBS I never felt well with warm weather either, but no D trouble though. Weird though that for one person with D hot weather is worse and for the other the wet/cold weather!
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