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Hi all firstly id like to mention that I haven't officially been diagnosed with IBS, I was looking for something to explain my recent symptoms , read about IBS and realised that id suffered with it all my adult life (i'am now 46 years old), this is now where my questions start.

For a few months id been suffering a lot of anxiety, my blood pressure was high and my perceived outlook was all doom and gloom, I was suffering almost random chest and abdominal pains. things were much worse when I was at rest rather than working. Anyway I went on holiday to Paris for a week only to find myself in an extremely stressed state over there, loss of appetite, negative thoughts, pains etc etc, spent Tuesday night in Paris hospital with chest pains, then on the Thursday morning (following the consumption of half a bottle of champagne the night before) the diarrhea started, on that first morning I went so many times it was coming out as a paler and paler stool then watery with mucus then just mucus. for the next few days the diarrhea continued all be it not as bad as first day and lasted for 3 or 4 days and then stopped abruptly with the taking of Imodium. I then didn't have diarrhea again for 14 days, however in these days the colour of my stool varied from light to medium brown, sometimes a single stool containing more than one shade, also sometimes smooth, sometimes rugged, never actually going back to its original dark brown colour. Although I stated that I had typical ibs-d since my late teens is it possible that all of a sudden that my ibs can get so much worse?

Something else I have noticed is that my stool is at its lightest just after a bout of diarrhea and gets progressively darker until the next bout.

Has anyone else had this with stool colour and also the sudden worsening of symptoms????

I have been to my Doctor (General Practitioner) , had several stool samples and extensive blood work done twice , also had an abdominal ultrasound, and a chest xray all of which have apparently drawn a blank.

in terms of medication I am on Lansoprazole for GERD, Propranolol for anxiety, and Citalopram for depression, all of which I was prescribed after the onset apart from Lansoprazole which was started a little before.

I also think I may have Fibromyalgia (all my random Pains)
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