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Check this article about early ileal ulcers

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Check This OutI know it's not for the IBS forum but they're actually trying to prove that mild and nonpersistent abdominal symptoms could turn into a pretty bad Crohn's disease in pretty good number of patients. I'm scared to death. Of course I have the same symptoms and even lower-right sided pain.
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Thanks Kathleen I feel better after reading your posts. I know I panic alot when I read stuff like this but every time my bowel problems flare up I start searching and reading and analysing - I just can't help it. I wonder if they ever going to establish the cause/s for IBS and IBD and find a way to keep them at bay. If some progress is made soon - we're all gonna feel better just knowing that they work on the case and are eventually pretty close...
So it appears that nerves in the gut are vulnerable to the immune responce and immune system cells causing infiltration and tissue damage. I guess that's a good explanation why after having 2-3 bad episodes of stomach flu during the past 4 years my IBS got much much worse (I only had periods of painless constipation when I was a kid).IBD treatments are very primitive and IMO they only destroy the patient's healt completely for the sake of... questionable benefit. Some people even can't get into remission and only suffer from the destructive side effects. I think the risk/benefit ratio is too big to be accepted. For Christ's sake they treat cancers and transplant rejections with the same medicines. What is the risk/benefit ratio when you treat cancer?That's why IBD is my biggest fear for the moment and I freak out everytime I have these gut pains and D.
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