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I looked at it - very interesting. But a quick check in my office revealed the indentations of teeth in every tongue I checked...maybe we are all sick. OK, but beyond the tongue thing - I have a pretty open mind about Chinese medicine in general. Chinese civilization is incredibly ancient, and they have been using these remedies for centuries and centuries. Is it not true that most western drugs are derived from the very same plants and barks as these Chinese remedies? I'm not sure I buy into the explanations for why these remedies work - all the stuff about dampness and qi and so forth, but I know a lot of Chinese people and they think a lot of our explanations of bodily functions is just as silly as we think theirs are. I do know that a lot of people have been helped immensely with Chinese medicine, when other methods have failed. (My father swears by his "vision tea" - he is legally blind and really believes his daily nasty tea is helping to maintain what sight he still has.) I guess you just have to decide where to put your faith. Acupuncture has been really great for me - I have not tried any medicinal remedies. Not sure why the acupuncture works - I originally tried it for a back injury and discovered it helped my gut too. It's so very relaxing, and that could be the reason it helps my IBS. Don't know why, don't care. I'll just keep doing it.
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