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I am new to the group although I have been reading the posts for a while. I have been having IBS © for many years. I was on the high protein diet (no sugar and starch) for fibromyalia. For about 2 months, I started to experience belch and gas pressure on the chest (pain). I tried all kinds of anti-acid and anti-gas staff and nothing is helping this. The same problem seems getting worse (gas pressure constantly comes up to the chest and throat, very bloated , belch constantly causing a lot of pain). The cramp has gotten worse. . When I take my herb( got rid of my IBS problems before) and high doses of magnesium, it help release some bloating and cramp, not the chest pain . I feel exploded most of the time. It is miserable. Just want to know if anyone has any input or similar experience. Thanks,Fanny
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