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chest pain

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Has anyone experienced chest pain along with their IBS? And if so, how was it treated?Has any of the doctors you have gone to suggest Candida as a cause of IBS?Amy
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I have had chest pains so bad that I sought out help from the nurse where I work, she said it was gas and to try to relax and it did ease up then was gone after about 5 min but thats me maybe you should talk to your doc if it doesn't get better. I hope you feel better.
Hi Amy:Any time you experience chest pain you should get it checked out right away, to make sure it's not your heart. I have heard of people having pains connected with IBS or other problems, but unless you know for sure that's what it is, it's better to go to the emergency room.JeanG
I have had an ekg, stress test and echocardiogram done and nothing is showing up.
That's great news, Amy!
Maybe they can do some further testing to tell you what is causing the pain.I have what I call heart thumps, and sometimes rapid heartbeats. They did an ekg and had me on a holter monitor, and never found anything wrong with me either. However, they did give me beta blockers to use when I need them.Several weeks ago it started racing and I was out of breath, something that never happened before, and I had it checked. By the time I got there and they did the ekg everything was back to normal. The doctor told me I did the right thing in coming in, though, since it was a completely new symptom for me. We figured it was probably stress.I'll keep my fingers crossed that they can find a solution for you.
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Anxiety and stress can make you have heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I get it from time to time and then it goes away. I think it's a new symptom of my stress from IBS worries....Anxiety. I'm more anxious these days than I ever have been. You have to wonder if you can get health problems from the symptoms that come from the IBS.
Since the heart checked out ok - maybe they should check out your gallbladder. I went to the ER one night thinking I was having a heart attack, turned out my gallbladder was full of stones (over 30). They removed it and I no longer have chest pain. I had chest pain for over 2 years which the doc said I had acid reflux, gave me prilosec and send me on my way. I forgot to take my meds for three days and that's when the chest pain sent me to the ER.
I am glad I am not the only one. I have been to the emergency room several times. I have had several ekg, echocardiogram, stress test, and heart monitor. Everything seems ok. They told me it was indegestion and anxiety. However, the anxiety meds make it worse. I read in a docs office that because of where the colon is located, pain can radiate and feel like it is in your heart. I have been to the emergency room so much, I don't think insurance will pay foe anymore. As long as my pain is the same I won't worry.
I always get chest pain sometimes minor sometimes I swear I am having a heart attack.When they first started out with the IBS thing Doc said irregular Thyroid will cause chest pain and heart racing/murmers but that turned up nothing. I went to hospital they x-rayed , found nothing , gave me Zantac. I actually found that drinking my Coke and burping releaves pressure and I take 2 gaviscon chewable tabs and in a day I am good to go again
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