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Titre du document / Document titleEffect of high performance chicory inulin on constipationAuteur(s) / Author(s)HOND E. D. (1) ; GEYPENS B. (1) ; GHOOS Y. (1) ; Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s)(1) Laboratory of Digestion & Absorption, University Hospital Leuven, 3000 Leuven, BELGIQUERésumé / AbstractIt is known that chicory inulin (average degree of polymerisation DP=10) and oligofructose (DP=4) affect bowel function. Whereas transit time is not affected with daily doses ranging between 4 and 15g, such doses increase stool frequency and have a faecal bulking effect in healthy volunteers. Recently a new type of chicory inulin with higher average chain length (DP=25)has become commercially available. From a nutritional point of view this is an interesting carbohydrate, as it is fermented more slowly than the native product, giving it the opportunity to arrive in more distal parts of the colon. In this placebo controlled study, we investigated the effect of this high performance inulin on bowel function in healthy volunteers with low stool frequency (1 stool every 2 to 3 days). Subjects were administered 15g of the product/day for 2 weeks. Besides macroscopic observations (stool frequency, faecal bulking, etc.), or-caecal transit time, effect on intestinal permeability, amount of faecal fat, bile acids, dry solids, etc. were monitored. There was a significant increase in stool frequency with the high performance inulin (p=0.02). The earlier observed trend to increase faecal bulk with 1.5 to 2g per g inulin ingested was observed in present study as well. There were no effects on the other measured parameters.Revue / Journal TitleNutrition research ISSN 0271-5317 CODEN NTRSDC Source / Source2000, vol. 20, no5, pp. 731-736 (14 ref.)Langue / LanguageAnglaisEditeur / PublisherElsevier Science, New York, NY, ETATS-UNIS (1981) (Revue)Mots-clés anglais / English KeywordsInulin ; Chicory extract ; Root ; Supplemented diet ; Digestive transit ; Constipation ; Human ; Plant origin ; Feeding ; Digestion ; Digestive diseases ; Intestinal disease ; Mots-clés français / French KeywordsInuline ; Extrait chicorée ; Racine ; Régime alimentaire enrichi ; Transit digestif ; Constipation ; Homme ; Origine végétale ; Alimentation ; Digestion ; Appareil digestif pathologie ; Intestin pathologie ; Mots-clés espagnols / Spanish KeywordsInulina ; Extracto achicoria ; Raíz ; Régimen alimenticio enriquecido ; Transito digestivo ; Constipación ; Hombre ; Origen vegetal ; Alimentación ; Digestión ; Aparato digestivo patología ; Intestino patología ; Localisation / LocationINIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 18812, 35400008252802.0120
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