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Hello Everyone,

I've been a long time follower of the group but never signed up so this is my first post and I hope that some of you can help me. I'm 35F in the UK and have been diagnosed with IBS for 14 years. I have both types so I'm IBS-A. I generally manage my life with diet and various meds, colofac, dulcoease, peppermint everything! I also have depression, anxiety/stress that I don't take any meds for at all. (I'm not a fan of medication, but everyone is different and if you find what works then stick with it!)

I usually go once a day at least when my symptoms are at their best/normal. When there's added stress I tend to get disruption to that. I had an urgent BM last week (not unusual), where I felt completely empty afterwards and then nothing happened for around 5 days. I finally managed to go, and it was difficult and hard and caused bleeding, this was on Monday morning at 10am. Following this I have had several 'episodes'. Symptoms have been...

- Chills

- Aches

- Sweats

- Thirst

- Fever - on one occasion

These 'episodes' occurred around 3 hours later at 1pm, another at 9pm, another at 4am the next morning and the last one at 4pm yesterday, following a similar BM as the day before. So far today I just feel a little achy and weak. They last for around an hour or so and then I sweat for a while. I have never had symptoms like this before. I understand the current Covid-19 situation, but it's just not possible as I have not had any contact with anyone outside of my household, we were lucky enough to get home delivery slots as living with someone who is vulnerable, so that goes the same for any other infection. That's why I thought I would come here and see if anyone else has had similar symptoms? Is it possible to have a minor infection from a fissure due to the bacteria around there? Would just like to know where it has come from.

Also might be useful to add I am under lots of stress currently - don't usually have panic attacks - recently been made redundant, moving house, and living next door to neighbours that have turned their house into a construction site during the 7 weeks of lockdown, so helpful.

Any comments you can make would be greatly received, thank you in advance
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