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Chlorofresh - it may be helping

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Anyone still taking Chlorofresh? Is it helping you? I just started taking the liquid Chlorofresh two days ago and so far no smelly gas (though I still have lots of gas). I'm not sure if this is due to the Chlorofresh or just one of my non-smelly days. I will keep you guys updated in about a week. Oh, even though the directions say I should take 2 TBSP once or twice per day, I decided to start with one tsp per day and may work my way up to 1 tbsp. I don't want to take too much b/c it probably will make my D worse. It would be great if only 1 tsp works!!
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This morning I had some gas and it had an odor but not too strong so I thing the Chlorofresh is helping a little. I upped my dose today to 1.5 tsp and if I still detect odor I will up it to 2 tsp.
Today gas had strong odor - upped dosage to 2tsp. I hope this will work!
Been there tried that, It didn't help. I was hoping it would for you.
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Hi Joyce :love: Well my "G" was bad again today so upped dosage to 1 TBSP. I fear this might not work for me as well
. Well, I will keep trying until bottle is empty. I will keep you updated.
:love: :love:
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