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After reading in here the success some have had with chlorophyll I rushed out and bought it. I used it for the first time on Monday on Tuesday I had a bm and then Wednesday I had a bm and it was as green as the chlorophyll, this morning I had another bm and it was alos green. Is this normal? I would assume some green tinting due to the color but the bm's were dark green. Plus I see that it took practically two days after starting it for it to show up in my feces. So anybody else using the chlorophyll getting green stools?Jenkins
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It can turn the stools green if you take enough of it,that is normal.Transit time seems normal. The range for humans is 16-72 hours so it would only be abnormal if it took more than 3 days to show up.K.
Yes, mine were green the first time I had a bm using the chlorophyll(a super b.m.). But now they're "normal" color. I only take the chlorophyll every other night.
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