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It was on the news this mourning that chocolate was 10 times higher than apples in calcium. I don't know off hand how much calcium is in apples, but good to now in general.
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Whew! Thanks Eric
I'm very happy to hear that I'm gaining some kind of nutrition out of all the chocolate I eat. Next time I reach for an apple I'll be thinking twice (jk)
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Info is from a what to feed your exotic pet site, but it showed up at the topApples are a moderate source of calcium with 10 mgs in a cup.I just a thing about the rules for chocolate in my email today, my favs areIf you have melted chocolate on your hands you aren't eating it fast enough.andWhy isn't there a Chocoholics Anonymous?Because no one wants to quit.K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.
Chocolate cures depair. I learned that from Harry Potter.
Delta, I'm on the same page
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Knew there was a reason I felt better after I ate chocolate...YUM!
------------------RhetanaIBS D
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Oh Not Fair!!!!I do love chocolate but unfortunately my bowel does not....just my luck!Happy Munching Guys,Clair
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if chocolate is that high in calcium, i have very, very, very strong bones. -jen
This recipe sounds kind of weird but it could be good. ------------------
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