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Hello everyone, will try to keep it short.

Over last 7 years I have been suffering from mild to severe nausea. Usually the symptoms are the worst in the morning right after waking up. I immediately feel I am extremely nauseous.Basically I am more or less nauseous every day, Sometimes it starts after my meal, sometimes from the very moment I wake up. During some days I don´t eat until the evening because I have to wait for it to get better. Then I can eat my first meal.

Sometimes I feel only a little nauseous, however quite often is it so bad I can´t even speak as I would throw up immediately. I rarely vomit, I´d say once/twice a month when nausea gets really severe and I can´t hold it anymore. Sometimes I vomit stomach acid in the morning when my stomach is empty. It seems like my stomach is irritated by something, but I don't know by what. I have read much information on the Internet without any luck..

Wheat else to say? I have noticed when I lightly work out in the gym and my abs are exercising I get nauseous too, even though I felt ok before the workout. When I go jogging I get badly nauseous which is always followed by vomiting after some 5-10 minutes from the start of my run. Again, I am assuming my stomach gets somehow physiologically irritated from the shakes from the ground.

Basically working out and jogging makes me nauseous 8 times out of 10. I do know one might say with running and working out it is quite common. I disagree, I work out and run with reasonable effort, I never go 80 % and more. Those 7 years ago I never had those issues.

Now crucial information. I can feel quite clearly my transverse colon in my abdomen. I can palpate horizontal big mass above my navel. I can palpate it and when I tight my abdomen muscles or bend forward I can feel there is an obstruction right where my transverse colon is. I feel discomfort, no pain. The same feeling I have with where my Cecum colon is located. Again I can palpate big soft mass, no pain.

I have never noticed this before my nausea started, I strongly believe it is connected. I feel like nausea literally comes from the stomach, it seems to me like my transverse colon presses on my stomach.

I would also like to say I have no pain, no constipation or diarrhea. I had a gastroscopy and abdomen ultrasound, all was OK. I was told it is a functional disorder of stomach. I am not stressed or under any pressure. The only stress I have comes from my health condition. Actually I have spent amazing 2 years living in Asia and my symptoms remained the same.

Besides nausea I suffer from arrhythmia - occasional Extrasystoles, few times I have also experienced Paroxysmal atrial Fibrillation, that lasted between half an hour to several hours and for which I have been hospitalized when that happened for the first time.

Besides I suffer from nail fungus, extremely oily skin, excessive sweating and stuffy nose in the morning.

I am convinced all those issues are connected as they all started about 7 years ago. Before that I was perfectly healthy.

Thank you all for reading. Every help, suggestion or hint of what might be the cause of my nausea is greatly appreciated.

(I apologize for my English as I am not native.)
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