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The US patent for cilansetron was granted on May 20, 2003.You can view the patient here:,566,369 Of note:
quote: It is particularly surprising that cilansetron is effective, as proved by the above results of the investigations, in the treatment of non-obstipative (=diarrhea-predominant) male IBS patients, since the person skilled in the art had to conclude from the contents of WO 99/17755 that cilansetron, just like alosetron, was preferentially suited only for the treatment of non-obstipative female IBS patients.
In onther words Cilanserton was found to be equally effective in males as females.
quote:previously-known 5HT.sub.3 -receptor antagonists are usually administered twice a day for treatment of IBS (="BID dosage"). However, it has proved more advantageous for treating IBS patients of both sexes instead to administer 5HT.sub.3 -receptor antagonists three times a day (="TID dosage"), for example in doses of 1 mg to 16 mg each time to IBS patients of both sexes. It is particularly preferred to spread the thrice daily administration of 5HT.sub.3 -antagonists across the day and in particular to prescribe them after main meals (morning, mid-day and evening). Examples of 5HT.sub.3 -receptor antagonists which can be more advantageously administered in three daily doses include alosetron, azasetron, dolasetron, granisetron, indisetron, itasetron, lerisetron, ondansetron, ramosetron, tropisetron and ®-Zacopride. It has proved particularly advantageous for treating IBS patients of both sexes to administer cilansetron or the pharmacologically acceptable acid addition salts and/or solvates thereof to the patients three times a day, for example each time in doses of between 1 mg and 16 mg per administered dose.
So people having problems with lontronex I would suggest spliting your dose in 3 and having each dose after you main meals.
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