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I am new posting here, so bear with me. I have had IBS D for about 3 years and have just begun the Cilansetron Trial. I will begin taking the meds in about a week. My question is, has anyone out there taken this med. and how has it worked out? I am a male, so I don't know if this stuff has different effects according to gender. If anyone out there has any info. it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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G & B, I started the Cilansetron study about two months ago. I am still cautious about what and when I eat but the pain is lessened and long car trips don't fill me with anxiety. ( I even took a vacation.) It is not as effective as Lotronex but is much better than other meds I have taken (lots....). Good Luck!
GnB, I just read this and found out you are a male - so am I - how do I get involved with the Cilansetron trial??? My Doc. told me they wouldn't start until next year?Thanks!
Hi BigD...screening for the Cilansetron Trials have been going on for a year now. The Trials themsleves started last January (I think) Quinteles is the group running them and can be reached at 1-877-DIGEST1. If the number isn't any good any longer go to There are several clinical trials listed in California for IBS meds and Cilansetron is probably the one they're referring to.
Hi, I am new on this board. I have been in the Cilansetron open label study for 7 months. Before that I was in the blind study for 3 months. I am male. The Cilansetron works very well for me. It is not perfect but is real close. It has almost completely ended my D/Urgency. I am taking 2mg, 3 times/day. It has made my life completely normal again for the first time in 9 years. BigD, I see you are in LA. I have been going to Orange to participate in this study. Maybe your doctor is referring to studies in LA starting next year but this one is going. You should call the 1-877-DIGEST1 number to find out if they are still taking people. It is worth the drive to Orange for the Cilansetron.So my answer to Gutt-n-Butt is that this med is great, at least for me. I don�t ever want to stop taking it.
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