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Hi everyone,

I have IBS, which, for me, mostly means that, if I don't take any supplements, I usually don't have a bowel movement in the morning, but still kind of feel "the pressure" (but not enough to go and have a satisfying BM). This leads me into a bad anxiety vicious circle where I am then afraid to leave the house, because I feel that I might have to go any minute without access to a toilet. So it kind of alternates between constipation and (stress-induced) diarrhea.

After visiting many doctors and trying lots of supplements, I finally found Citrucel here in the US (I tried other types of fiber before, but they cause bloating/pain, and didn't help much either). I lived in Europe until summer last year. After taking Citrucel for just a few days (I've been taking it for a few months now), I had good results with it, in that, when I take two large heaping spoons in the evening and drink coffee in the morning, I am *very* regular, and the BM is mostly satisfying. For some events, for example a social gathering in a different city to which we went by bus recently, I still pop 4mg of Loperamide (Imodium) and I'm mostly fine. I guess the Loperamide is half-actually-working, half-placebo in that it helps calm me down - add the fact that I have the knowledge in the back of my head that I had a good BM in the morning (and thus am "empty", or mostly) and I'm pretty fine.

Now the problem: in August, I will move back to Europe and haven't been able to find a fiber supplement equivalent to Citrucel. Methylcellulose does not seem to be marketed as a fiber supplement and I don't want to go back to psyllium husk or something. You can order Citrucel on Amazon, but the mark-up and shipping costs are, of course, ridiculous.

So, if anyone know of a methylcellulose fiber supplement sold in (western) Europe, I should be most grateful if you could point me to that brand.

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