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I had been diagnosed with IBS about 9 years ago. Since then I have learned to live with it by watching my diet, mostly my fat intake. I have never been put on any medication for it, up until a couple days ago. The pain started on my left side (which was very unusual from the pain I usually experienced). I ended up in the hospital for 2 days, went through numorous tests only to be told that all test came back negative so it must be the IBS. I have been put on clidinium for the pain, which does seem to help, however it has only been a couple of days. My fear is what if it isn't the IBS and the medication is just masking something else. Has anyone had this happen to them. I feel sometimes when you tell doctor's that you have a history of something they immediatley assume that that's what's causing the pain. I even had one doctor suggest that my pain was in my head. He also said there is no test for IBS (at that point I wished he felt the pain I was in).
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