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Colon cleaning, hope or hype?

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After years of looking for answers to digestive problems, I tried a homeopathic Dr.(not a quack) who insisted I have to have colon clean and liver detox. He said it will fix me up and even get rid of lactose intolerance. I know there is much disagreement on the subject, wondering how many in ibsgroup have tried it and what kind of results they got.
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Hi PedroWell I went and had colonic irrigation once because I was desperate to make an improvement to my digestive process.I have to say that I would not have it done again - but other people that I know who have had it done swear by it - so this is just my personal experience of it.I was told that I passed a lof of mucus because my bowel was irritated (well, I kind of knew that!) and afterwards, when she had finished, I went to the bathroom as I was told that I would pass a lot of brown water into the toilet as this was the normal reaction to having all that fluid put in there. Not a thing. Nothing. Not a drop! What I did have afterwards for at least 3 days, was really awful stomach cramps and straight away returned to my usual toilet habits - I thought there'd be hardly anything there, but it was as if I hadn't ever been washed out.It's worth a try though because as I said, different people have different reactions and some people swear by it.
Apparently a coffee enema is supposed to be the best for clearing out your colon
Hi Pedro,I did a series of six colon hydrotherapy sessions about two years ago. It didn't really do anything. I completed a two-month colon cleanse this spring and the first month I felt great, no symptoms, then everything returned during the second month. I think it's probably just as individual as far as hope/hype as IBS symptoms are in general...very diverse. The good thing is it probably won't hurt you, but I don't think you can figure out if it will help ahead of time.
You don't need to have your colon cleansed and even if you did it would have nothing to do with lactose intolerence or IBS.HypeColon Cleansing
After some 16 years of IBS...I learned that these cleansing programs do work...try for a start Fiber Kellogs Bran Buds, or high fiber...They do work, and should be part of an 'anti-parasitic' program...Buy the pills or garlic cloves work well....
Fiber works for IBS for a different reason then colon cleansing programs.IBS is NOT a parasite infection.
The 'thesis" is that a foreign, corrupt bacteria has set up 'colony' within the system.To rid the system, given the nature that 'they' can isolate themselves in isolated parts suggests that this 'cleansing' together with an anti-parasitic treatment, together with 'probiotics' may take some time, weeks or months to rid the system of 'this ' corruption....It does work, but only as a part of a three part program....I call the Trinity program...1. Anti-parasite.2. Cleansing 3. Probiotics. (the good stuff)
I'll repeat what Eric said.IBS is not a parasitic infection.
i have done alot of cleaning in this year with all my tests and it hasnt done no change in my bowell problems i think life changes and bad habbits have made me better as far as my ibs
A lot of different opinions, not surprising. Seems some people do benefit, even swear by it.Seems longer term cleans get better reviews than quick irragation type. It seems I would have little to lose by trying it. Thanks for all the input.
A study published in March in the prestigous World Journal of Gastroenterology found that " CONCLUSION: In this consecutive series, diagnosis of G. lamblia infection accounted for 6.5% of patients with IBS and dyspepsia."Apparently some people with IBS have giardia. However, colon cleansing is probably not the best way to effectively rid one of this or other parasites. There is a simple way to know if you have parasites, get a stool sample tested for them. It should be noted that this study found that there were no symptoms that could reliably be used to diagnose giardia infection. The only methods that were found to be effective were direct search of duodenal biopsy or stool sample.
quote:After years of looking for answers to digestive problems, I tried a homeopathic Dr.(not a quack) who insisted I have to have colon clean and liver detox. He said it will fix me up and even get rid of lactose intolerance.
Homeopathy is a hoax, so how could such a doctor not be a "quack"? There is also no such thing as a liver "detox", nor is there any way to fix to lactose intolerance.
In my opinion, hype. I had the treatment many years ago. It did nothing but make me feel weaker for a few days. Beyond that, I think there are some questions as to the safety of the procedure. best of luck
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