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Hi PedroWell I went and had colonic irrigation once because I was desperate to make an improvement to my digestive process.I have to say that I would not have it done again - but other people that I know who have had it done swear by it - so this is just my personal experience of it.I was told that I passed a lof of mucus because my bowel was irritated (well, I kind of knew that!) and afterwards, when she had finished, I went to the bathroom as I was told that I would pass a lot of brown water into the toilet as this was the normal reaction to having all that fluid put in there. Not a thing. Nothing. Not a drop! What I did have afterwards for at least 3 days, was really awful stomach cramps and straight away returned to my usual toilet habits - I thought there'd be hardly anything there, but it was as if I hadn't ever been washed out.It's worth a try though because as I said, different people have different reactions and some people swear by it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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