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I was just wondering if anyone has tried "colonix" and or any other products like it. Does anyone have any success stories and or concerns. I am really considering it but I thought I would put this out there before I did. Thanks!
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All I can find from the makers is it has 100 ingredients, I didn't see where I could get the list, but mostly because the page I was on was so full of misinformation and hype I couldn't take it any more.A few board messages I found by googling mentioned fiber and senna. Both of these things are available pretty cheap in a lot of places.Most colon cleanser products do not do anything to clean the colon, but contain ingredients to make you poop. Senna, cascara, aloe latex, and others are stimulatory laxatives. Some have lots of fiber in them but no laxatives. Some have a lot of osmotic agents in them.All will make you poop. Usually if you put cleanser on the label you can charge more money than one would pay for the same thing called laxative or fiber supplement.K.
I use herbal colon cleansing tabs all the time. The one I am using right now has Cascara Sagrada and other herbs such as fennel, rubarb, ginger, etc. This was a LAST RESORT for me. Herbal colon cleansers are pretty much all the same; laxatives and usually stimulants. I prefer to take an herbal stimulant over Ducolax (even though they essentially do the same thing) because Ducolax gives me horrid cramps. I would encourage you to try all other methods before resorting to this. They do not "heal" the colon and can cause dependency.
I just wanted to thank you both for your info. I was taking Zelnorm for a few months but I felt that it stopped working for me & that it just made me want to eat. So I went to the health food store & spoke to a nutritionalst and she recommended taking "IBS Support made by Renew Life". I take two capsules of the morning formula and two capsules of the evening formula. I found that it has made me feel alot better but I find I still need a liilte more of something to help me go. I was wondering if there are any other natural formulas that I could take? I can't take anything that has fibre in it because that doesn't make me feel good.
You might add some magnesium if that isn't in the formula you are taking. Just the plain magnesium oxide that they use as a nutritional supplement.It tends to loosen and moisten the stools. Most people here seem to do well on 200-750 mgs. you want to stay under 1,000 mgs for daily use. Occasionally going over with something like a full dose of Milk of Magnesia is OK, but you can get too much in the long term.K.
Hey Kathleen! I just wanted to let you know that I did go to the Health Food store again and I bought some magnesium! That is also what the lady recommended to me. I also bought 369 that is a oil. Its a big capsule and she's hard to swallow! Thanks again for your help, you don't know how much I appreciate it!
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