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Colonoscopy tomarrow - what can I eat today!!

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I am sceduled for this test tomarrow at noon. Have had terrible trouble with C for the last 7 months. I have been watching the posts here for a few weeks and knew someone on here might have some answers for me. I know I can eat jello and drink water and clear juices and eat clear broth - but is there anything else that I can eat. I am nursing and I know I am going to be so hungry by tomarrow!! Thanks so much,Pam
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Only clear liquids today. Have you started your bowel prep yet? It's a tough one but hunger will have to remain your friend today.
I hope all goes well tomorrow.
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Just started - the Visicol tablets - This is not the most fun I have had - I will tell you that!!I am starving!! Not looking forward to the many trips to the bathroom either - Hopefully this will be the worst part of this deal!!Thanks for the response.Pam
Have some other activities in the bathroom to take your mind off things - booksmagazinescross words puzzleswhen I had to do my prep my hubby set the laptop with the internet connection in there!
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How funny - I was wishing for a tv earlier. Has anyone had the experience of not going for hours after taking the medicine? I took the pills at 6:30 - 8:00 pm and just about an hour ago (3:45 am) I can finally say I am "free flowing". I guess my C was so bad that it took that long to uncork things. I was able to get a few hours of sleep - thank goodness! Just wondering if it took anyone else awhile to get things going?PamBack to bed for awhile - I hope.
I know this is the worst part for you......sorry!! The fleets phopho soda/3 Dulcolax I took kicked in pretty fast for me, but I was up allllll night and was totally exhausted and weak. I fell asleep on the table before the doctor even came in and do not remember anything except asking my Mom to go through Mcdonalds on the way home because I was egg/buscuit I had ever had!!HahaHang in won't feel a thing!
I am def. looking forward to a late luch early dinner - I really hope you are right about not feeling a thing - Pam
boy - you can tell I am sleep deprived - sorry if that last message was confusing.Pam
Well it is over and except for the gas - it was no too bad. I would suggest that anyone taking the visicol tablets break them in half - they are really big pills and hard to swallow in my opinion.I have a polyp that is close to the end of my colon about the size of a nail on your pinkie finger. It is connected to a vein so they were unable to take it out today - I have to go back and have laporostic (major spelling error - I am sure ) to remove it. They were afraid to do it today for fear of too much bleeding. The doctor seemed really surprised that he found what he did but said the tissue looked healthy so I am praying for a good result. I am really concerned about this news.This explains a lot of my problems though - that and they said something about the shape of my colon - I got the impression that he meant that is is layered on top if itself in such a way that the removal of this polyp would not completly take care of my C problems. What fun!Pam
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