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Hey everyone. I just got the results from my GPL comp stool analysis. I plan on following up with my doctor, but wanted to run this by the forum as well. Here are the items that appear problematic:

Bacteriology Culture:

Commensal (Imbalanced) flora: 4+ Alpha hemolytic strep 3+ Gamma hemolytic strep

Dysbiotic Flora: 3+ Staphylococcus aureus

Yeast Culture:

Normal flora:

1+ Candida ciferrii 1+ Candida krusei

Microscopic Yeast: Rare


Lactoferrin: 10.1 (<7.3)

Calprotectin: 63 (<50)

Lysozyme: 813 (<600)


SecretoryI gA: 785 (51 - 204)

Intestinal Health Markers:

pH: 5.8 (6-7.8)

From initial research, this seems to point toward IBD? I don't have any gastro-symptoms however. Just a slew of very strange/random food sensitivities, none of which having symptoms that involve my GI tract.

Obviously, the staph is a problem - could this be the main culprit of the inflammation?

My symptoms are terrible ADHD, poor memory, chronic brain fog, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome/periodic limb movement disorder, allergic rhinitis.

Should I trust my GP with this or should I see a specialist?

Any insight appreciated. Thanks!
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