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So my psychiatrist wants me to start taking Pregabalin (Lyrica) on top of my current SSRI's (Sertraline) because I was a bit too nervous about coming off Sertraline completely and starting Cymbalta. However, I've read that Lyrica can cause constipation so I'm a bit worried about starting it because of my IBS-C. I don't want to cause further problems because although I haven't been fully diagnosed with pfd, I'm quite sure I have problems, seeing as I always find it difficult to pass stool regardless.

I know a good solution would be to cure the constipation so as to be able to try the Lyrica, but I've not found a way to help it that works yet and I'm hoping to see my doctor to discuss treatment for pfd and see if that helps. (i've tried movicol and other stimulants in the past but they just make my bowel movements sluggish and i end up going ten times a day instead but continuously feeling the need to).

The thing is I have IC also which Lyrica may be good for (depends on the person!) and also I suffer pain on a regular basis which stops me from living my daily life. So I was hoping that if I have to go on Lyrica anyway due to my psychiatrist recommending it then I would be able to help my IBS problems. however, if it's not good for those with IBS-C i don't wanna run the risk of causing impaction or worse!

Does anyone have IBS-C who has tried Lyrica and found it to be okay for them? I hope this is the right place to ask!
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