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Constipated and in pain

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i haven't had my 'proper' bowel movement for about two weeks, ironically it was from the day i went up the hospital for an IBS check up, and the doctor felt my stomach and told me i was constipated, and i knew why since that was the first time i hadn't had to rush to the loo as soon as i wake up.anyway, two weeks later and, although i'm going little bits, i'm not really moving anything along my bowel. the doctor gave me some Lactulose since the first time i took Fibogel (which they gave me last time) i felt sick, however it seems i'm intolerant to the Lactulose because of the lactose in it, it gave me an upset stomach and painful (very painful) D. however, even though i had that painful D, next day i was as constipated as ever. two weeks later and i'm still 'bunged up', this morning i could actually get out more than i could for the last two weeks, and i've gone back to the Fibogel even though it makes me feel sick, in the hope it actually does something. i've never had to result to anything to help me 'go' before, is this my IBS taking a turn for the worse again? i've stepped up my fibre greatly, so what else could be causing my constipation?
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I had the same problem.. only it was one week. I play tennis so I had to get everything out somehow. I took a laxative (one of many) and it helped. The name was Bisacodyl. It's actually much better than others I tried. It helps within 1-2 hours. Before I even tried suppositories and enema, but I think I had too much there for enemas to handle.So if you have Bisacodyl in England, try it.
Hi H. Lacey: I know the feeling well, and it sounds like your IBS is acting up. The only way I know to clean out everything is to drink the fleet oral solution, but I would not suggest that. The reason is that I had C- for > 25 years. I never felt relief. Then I had a colonoscopy and took the oral solution. Yes, it cleared me out, but not much came out and I still felt full.It may be that your body is adsorbing everything. My record is 5 weeks with no movement. It has to go somewhere. My suggestion is to drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning. It sounds like you may be slightly dehydrated. Toast works sometimes, too to get things moving. I wish I had a definite answer, but all the normal remedies (laxitives, prune juice, etc) never work for me.Hope all is well.
thanks for the replies guys, update and my bowels are still 'bunged up' but they seem to be allowing me to 'empty' myself out a little more each day, dunno if this has anything to do with the (vile) Fibogel i'm forcing myself to take now but i can still feel big lumps there so i'l definitely be looking into your suggestions. many thanks
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Yes, you can get Bisacodyl in UK. One brand name is Dulcolax. .Fybogel is good for keeping you regular, but won't relieve severe constipation quickly. Dulcolax usually will, if not that a Fletchers which you pharmacist should stock.Julia
is Dulcolax a fierce laxative? i mean, will it work quickly and make me sit there for hours? i've never taken an actual laxative before so i don't know how they work.
It makes you go quicly. It is a stimulant laxative. Only probalem you can have is .. go a little and then that's it. Then in like 30 minutes or more you feel the urge again. So I suggest you pick a day or half a day when you don't have to go anywhere
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A Dulcolax suppository will work in 30 minutes, probably less. You might get the urge again, but its not a problem I've had. I occasionally use Bisacodyl suppositories, and take them when i get up, an hour later I'm ready to go out.Jules
Bisacodyl works best overnight I think. I took it before bed yesterday and woke up in the morning and had a huge urge to go to the bathroom! My intestines weren't this empty for years!
you should consider trying a fleet glycerin suppository. i have been having the same problem for years and have tried all OTC and prescribed laxatives. ducolax works, but the oral form made me feel worse then it was worth. i honestly felt as though i was going to pass out on the toilet.good luck
Dulcolax can be bought as tablets or as suppositories. The active ingredient is Bisacodyl, which is a stimulant laxative. If you take the tablets it will work overnight, if you use the suppository it will work quickly. The suppository is also a lubricant.Glycerine is similar, a lubricant and a stimulant. The stimulant effective is less strong.Julia
thanks guys, well i said to my mum about all these laxatives and guess what? she doesn't want me taking them and is convinced my Fibogel is gonna cure me
i've still got C even though i am actually going toilet now a lot more than i was before, however i'm only shifting what i can imagine to be the poo from what my bowels make over the day, not getting rid of any of the stuff that was up there from before, and so i'm still uncomfortable and in agony if i press on my bowel (so i avoid doing that, as you do).well last night after dinner i felt a little nauseaous(sp?), and i thought not much of it since it has happened before. around 2am i wake up and i'm convinced i'm about to throw up, my bowels gurgling and i can feel the lumps in my bowel moving so i get up to go toilet. not a lot comes out. so i go back to bed and i don't need to get up again but i still feel sick. next morning and i still don't feel right. i've never had this happened before, and it can't have been anything i ate because i haven't eaten ANYTHING i'm not supposed to (starting at college in two days and don't wanna tempt fate). at one point i was convinced i was developing a stomach upset, last thing i need. do anyone of you find that this happens to you? not my exact situation but the sick feeling etc.? thanks
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I have had this problem for about 14 years off and on and know what you are going through. I just recently bought a book that says constipation has one cause and that is being deficient in magnesium. So I followed their advice and started slowly adding magnesium citrate (must be citrate-most absorbable)to my diet and sure enough it has worked very well. I will go 2 or 3 times a day now. What a relief! I still get some minor bloating, a little cramping but it is A LOT better. I hope everyone will try it. You can find magnesium citrate at health food stores or online. Capsule form is best. If you use something beside citrate form, it will not work as well. Please try it- magnesium citrate in this form is not harmful to your body in any way. You can ask your doctor about it but many M.Ds are clueless when it comes to nutrition. Good luck!
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